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Books by Simon Worrall

Star Crossed
with Heather Dune Macadam

For readers of The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah who are hungry for a true account of Nazi-Occupied Paris, Star Crossed is the narrative nonfiction saga they can really sink their teeth into. Heather Dune Macadam and Simon Worrall transport readers to the past and introduce them to our Romeo and Juliet: a vivacious and beautiful, Jewish nineteen-year-old named Annette Zelman and a handsome young Catholic poet by the name of Jean Jausion. The pair are doomed to be torn apart by war, prejudice, and disapproving families in this deeply tragic and romantic historical tale.


Erika Robuck,
National Bestselling Author of Sisters of Night and Fog 

“The depiction of the vibrancy of youth and its stubborn refusal to succumb to darkness reveals the remarkable human capacities for resilience and hope. Macadam and Worrall have done great honor to the women and men in these pages by keeping the flame of memory burning."
The Poet and the Murderer
The Poet and the Murderer cover

The Poet and the Murderer

A thrilling story, thrillingly told " (New York Daily New); " Utterly enthralling " (Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman); " Masterful " ( Errol Morris); " a gripping tale, done with great style and elegance" ( William Styron, author of Sophie's Choice). These are just a few of the laurels garnered by Simon Worrall's true crime classic, The Poet & The Murderer. In this new, revised digital edition, containing new revelations not included in the print edition, acclaimed journalist and author, Simon Worrall, follows the trail of a forged Emily Dickinson poem that mysteriously turns up for sale at Sotheby's in New York. His journey of discovery leads him via the casinos of Las Vegas to Utah and the darkly compelling world of Mark Hofmann, one of the most daring literary forgers and remorseless murderers of all time. Deeply researched but with the narrative pace of a novel, Worrall's investigation into the life and crimes of this charismatic genius is a real-life detective story you simply won't be able to put down. As the story reaches its gripping climax, Hofmann becomes trapped in the web of his own deceptions...and turns to murder.

Castles in the Air

Castles in the Air:
A Journey Down the Rhine

Most people only glimpse the famous castles on Germany's "Mittelrhein" from a passing tourist boat. Critically acclaimed author, Simon Worrall, does it the hard way, clambering up steps and winding straircases on a picaresque tour that brings to life the history and legends of some of the most famous castles, and the eccentric characters who live in them.

Castles in the Air: A Journey Down the Rhine cover
The Very White of Love
The Very White of Love cover

The Very White of Love

The Very White of Love is based on a true story, inspired by the author’s discovery of a chocolate box full of love letters between his mother, Nancy, and her fiancé, Martin Preston, the nephew of the poet Robert Graves. Simon Worrall has pieced together the fictional narrative using these genuine letters to write a heartbreaking and timeless love story. After a whirlwind romance, Martin is sent to the battlefields of France in 1939, telling Nancy their love will keep them safe. Then one day, his letters stop. Nancy will do anything to find him, but will she unravel the mystery of his disappearance in time?

The River of Desire
The River of Desire:
A Journey of the Heart Through Patagonia

When acclaimed writer, Simon Worrall, travels to Patagonia on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, he encounters one of the planet’s last wild places: a vast, windblown landscape peopled by colorful characters - a Catholic priest on his way to The South Pole; a woman living alone in The Mountains of The Wind; gauchos, misfits and eccentrics. But as the wind chases chases him south towards the ends of the earth, he also tells his own story: a story of desire and lost love, and one man's search for his place in the world.The result is a powerful, heartfelt book that will take its place alongside such classics as The Snow Leopard,The Bridges of Madison County and A River Runs Through It.

The River of Desire: A Journey of the Heart Through Patagonia cover
Patagaonia Cave of Hands
“Simon Worrall is a master storyteller.”

Carol Galanty, Amazon reader

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